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     The modern day kitchen is a living thing.  No longer reserved for mindless cooking in solitary confinement, today's kitchens are open concepts fulfilling multiple roles.  While providing the cooking necessities they were originally designed to fulfill, today's kitchens now serve as the heart of the home.  On weekends and holidays they serve as the showpiece and center of where everyone congregates.  In the morning and evening their role changes to be functional and efficient so your family runs smoothly.  At Kitchen Living we embrace the modern kitchen and what it means to you.   By merging modern design software with a multitude of products, we provide all the tools needed to make your perfect kitchen.  Contact us today to start enjoying what a modern kitchen can mean for you and your family!

​Located at

The Shops at Marlborough Barn

45 North Main Street

Marlborough, CT  06447​


Autumn Cabinet Sale    10% off  Candlelight Cabinets through December​ 15th

Contact Info

45 North Main Street

Marlborough, CT  06447

Cell:  (860)-819-5847

Office:  (860)-966-6373


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