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Turned Post:  These are very large vertical pieces with a circular outline.  They are very similar to a leg, column, or spindle.

Rosette:  A circular ornament that has a floral look.  Includes any square ornaments with a circle design in the middle.

Plate Rail:  A decorative shelf with built in grooves for plates.

Valance:  A decorative panel installed across an open area.  Usually placed above a sink, over a window, or on top of open shelving.

Onlay:  Literally a decorative carved piece which is laid on the cabinets face.

Galley Rail:  A front "retaining wall" made from small spindles.

Bun Feet:  Round decorative pieces on the bottom of the corners of a base cabinet used to create a furniture look.

Split Molding:  Basically these are half a spindle that is applied to the front of a cabinet.  Therefore they are decorative and not structural.  

Crown Molding:  This well known trim comes in a variety of profiles for you kitchen.  They will add height and elegance to the top of your cabinets.

Flat Trim:  Molding without a carved or rounded profile.  These are commonly used in Art and Craft kitchens.

Insert:  A decorative strip placed between two other moldings.

Dentil Molding:  Molding with tooth like rectangular blocks.

Egg and Dart Molding:  Molding that is decorated with an alternating oval and arrow shape.

Rope Molding:  Trim that is carved or milled to look like twisted rope.

Corbels:  A decorative bracket that may or may not be structural.  These large carved pieces often appear to support island counters, shelving, or your hood mantel.

Legs:  Structural or decorative, these can support base cabinets to provide a furniture look.  They may also be used to support a island bar top.

Pilaster:  A vertical column that is decorative and not structural.  It will project slightly out from the the cabinets face.

Fluting:  Vertical trim that is semi-circular grooved and routed into a pilaster.

Spindle:  A slender turned piece of wood that is usually decorative.  Large spindles may also be referred to as posts or legs.

Toe Kick:  These are used to cover the recessed area at the bottom of your base cabinets

     Trim will have a HUGE impact on the overall appearance of your cabinets.  You may choose very nice expensive cabinets, but if you skip out on the trim they will look basic and boring.  On the other hand, you may choose a very basic cabinet, but by adding various trim pieces your design will end up appearing detailed and expensive. Here are the variety of trim pieces you should consider adding.


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