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Single Bowl

You guessed it, just one basin.  While many homeowners assume having more bowls is better, this isn't always the case.  Single bowls are available in compact sizes, and this makes them ideal for kitchens where space is a premium.  But the basin of a single bowl will obviously be larger than a double basin in the same cabinet space.  This means your single large basin can make cleaning large dishes easier, by providing more basin width and depth.  Plus these basins are also less expensive.

Double Bowl

The majority of modern sinks now feature two bowls.  The reason for this is flexibility, but if you do a lot of cooking with large dishes, you'll need to make sure the basins in your sink are big enough to wash them.  Since the configurations for these sinks are endless, take the time to consider which setup will work the best for you.


Known as apron sinks, these sinks are ideal for those who want a traditional or country style design.  They are available in both single and double bowl varieties, although single bowls are the most common.  Installation can be a little more expensive with these sinks due to their weight and the cabinet/counter cutout required.

Top Mount

These sinks are designed to be dropped into your counter.  They almost always have a rim or lip to hold them in place and create a finished look.  The lip reduces the need for internal support which means any do-it-yourselfer can install them.  However, they do not have the sleek modern appearance you may desire.  It is also easy for the area between the lip and the counter to accumulate scum and dirt.


Since these sinks are mounted under the counter there is no lip or rim.  This gives them a clean, modern look and makes them easier to clean.  The only drawback is that these sinks are more expensive to be installed.  They must be glued to the under side of the counter, and if their heavy, additional support will be required.  Also, most undermount sinks are not designed with built in space for faucets or attachments, so you'll need to cut holes into your counter to install these different components.

Sink Styles

     In addition to all the materials and finishes available, sinks also come in a number of styles.  These have advantages and disadvantages in addition to providing the perfect "look" for what you have in mind for your kitchen.  Here are the most common options.

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