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     Imagine being in a beautiful living room with plush couches, a roaring fireplace, and warm wood accents.  Except the whole room has fluorescent lighting!  Ruins the whole thing!  Similarly, the lighting you choose will define the mood and feel of your kitchen.  It can also enhance all the details you took so much time to choose, such as your trim, backsplash, and counters.  So what types of lighting should be used and where?  Consider the following.

Color Matters

Lighting is not a one size fits all.  The color of your cabinets, backsplash, and flooring will affect both the brightness and feel of your kitchen.  Light colors are more reflective and will give the space a cooler feel.  Darker colors, on the other hand, will absorb light and make it appear warmer.  Therefore in a white or light colored kitchen, fewer fixtures will be required.  Soft white bulbs may also be necessary so it doesn't feel like a morgue.  In a darker kitchen however, even fluorescent under lighting could work since the darker colors will tone it down.  This makes LED bulbs great for accent lighting, because they allow you to vary between the two extremes by varying the color of light.

General Lighting

A kitchen will benefit the most from mixing several lighting types.  However, the foundation will usually be recessed or other types of ceiling lights.  These provide the basic, evenly spread light you need.  But in order to accomplish this, it is usually a good idea to plan them out.  It's important the light they project fills the whole space while not overlapping too much in certain areas.

Work Lighting

A well-lit work area is essential for safety.  The darker the colors in your kitchen, the more sources of light you will need to make sure you can see what your doing.  One way to accomplish this is the placement of several under cabinet LED lights.  LED lights can pull double duty as both work and accent lights.

Pendant Lights

These add so much style and personality to the kitchen.  In a large empty space, such as around your kitchen island, pendant lights give your eye a place to rest.  By providing different lighting than plain ceiling lights, these pendant lights can make sure your island is inviting and the centerpiece of the kitchen.  If you already have recessed lights in place, consider purchasing converters to add pendants in their place.

Monorail Lighting

These light systems allow you to create functional sculptures for the ceiling.  The metal track can be shaped to suit the design of your kitchen.  Since it's suspended it can easily be mounted a ceiling that may not be perfectly smooth or level.  If you want to add further detail, the shades and shapes that accompany these lights are endless.

Under Cabinet Lighting

These fixtures shed light evenly across the countertop allowing you to see clearly.  Look for low profile designs that will allow the fixtures to be hidden under the cabinets.  Also take note of how your skin, dishes, and obviously the countertop will react to the lighting.  Choosing the right fixture will ensure the space feels natural, soothing, and enjoyable to be in.

Cabinet Accent Lighting

These lights can bring a wall of cabinets to life.  By installing these inside glass front cabinets, emphasis can be placed on collectables, decorative dishes, or designer pieces.


Having hidden spotlights can really bring out the various elements in your kitchen.  Whether it's drawing attention to your farmer's sink, increasing the visibility of your backsplash, or highlighting the architectural elements in your cabinets, spotlights can act like theatrical lighting to create a mood.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

Whether it's to see inside a deep corner cabinet or provide a small light to find snacks in the middle of the night, these puck or simple LED lights can make your life easier.


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