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The Shops at Marlborough Barn

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Showroom Hours:

For display viewing, the showroom is open during complex hours:

T-F 11-5

Sat 10-5

Sun 10-4

To meet with a Kitchen Living representative is by appointment only. Both during and outside of complex hours are available for appointments.

​     Sir Francis Bacon once said, "Scientia potentia est" which in Latin literally means "Knowledge Is Power."  How true that statement is!  Humans have seen the value of knowledge from the invention of the wheel to the modern influence of the internet.  For the modern consumer this statement holds true as well.  There are literally millions of choices when it comes to purchasing the items you want, and your knowledge will determine how much you pay, and whether you end up with a quality product.  

     With a big ticket item like a new kitchen, the value of knowledge is amplified and has long term effects.  Kitchens can vary by thousands of dollars, and even products in the same price point and category can vary on how long they will last by 5-10 years.  So what do you "need to know" to be a smart shopper?  Consider the information on the following pages.  From cabinets and countertops, to lighting and flooring, we have compiled the "need to know" information for selecting your new kitchen.  At Kitchen Living, we understand you may not always buy from us, but we still want you to be successful in creating your dream kitchen, and knowledge is the key!

Knowledge Is Power!

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