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     When it comes to cabinet knobs and pulls you may think it's a mundane and simple choice.  However, this decision is not just about looks.  Why?  Well although knobs and pulls can really add to the design of your kitchen, if they don't feel right it could drive your crazy.  Remember you'll be touching these several times every day, which means that modern beautiful knob could become a nuisance over time because of how it feels.  So the following information isn't about looks, after all there are hundreds of choices to fit what you like.  Instead take note of how the knob or pull you love could feel over time.

Knobs vs. Pulls

This will determine how easy it is to open your doors and drawers.  Knobs require all finger strength to open them, whereas cabinet pulls allow you to use your hand or most of your fingers to do the job.  This is important to keep in mind as you start to get older or if you have arthritis etc.

Feel is Important

Since you'll be using these everyday try to avoid awkward knobs or pulls.  Always try to feel the knob or pull your considering.  If you are ordering online, purchase some samples first, so you can view and feel them in person.  You may be shocked by how many knobs and pulls look good but feel terrible.

Catch on Your Clothes

Depending on the style and shape, some of these can catch on pockets, pleats, and aprons.  Fuller, round knobs are less likely to snag.  Notice how the ends of this cabinet pull extend out beyond the post.  These ends are what tend to catch on things.

Size Matters

The ratio of knob or pull to the size of door it opens will makes a difference.  If the knob or pull is too small the door will feel "stickier" to open.  Pulls with wide mounting post will also minimize the grasping surface.

Short vs. Tall

Shorter knobs and pulls will make your finger contact the cabinet more.  This makes a difference since that contact will tend to wear out the cabinet finish over time.  Darker cabinet finishes will lighten from the wear, but lighter cabinets will darken from the dirt/oil on your hands.

Crooked Knobs

Square, triangular, or irregular shaped cabinet knobs have a tendency to become crooked, whereas round ones do not.  If the knob loosens a bit, it can rotate slighting throwing the balance off.  Easy fix, but this could be annoying if you like things picture perfect.

Understand the Finish

Finishes on knobs and pulls may wear out and change over time.  Oil rubbed bronze will wear and reveal a different color in worn areas.  Brass will tarnish if not protected or polished periodically.

Easy to Clean

Remember that kitchen knobs and pulls are prone to major dirt and oil over time.  Dirty hands, grease spatters, and spilled food can contribute to buildup over time.  If your knob or pull has intricate details it will be a nightmare, if not impossible to clean.

Order More Than You Need

This is an insurance policy for down the road.  Styles come and go, and if you ever break or damage a knob or pull, it may be impossible to find an exact replacement.  Besides, no one wants to live with 1 knob/pull that is the oddball out.


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